The Hukilau Story

Hukilau Clothing was inspired by the classic Aloha Shirt- fun, sunny, and casual, yet accepted at the office on Fridays and happy hours. We wanted to create our own idea and aesthetic of this shirt-wearable during the weekend and weekdays, all the while expressing one's love of sun, sand, and surf. Hukilau achieves this through its fitted body and colorful prints. Our shirts are perfectly tailored for the office, yet able to express one's weekend personality with our signature sunny prints.   Have a sunny day in our Hukilau Clothing shirt!

Hukilau Clothing Co. was founded in 2017 by husband and wife team Jesse Bowman and Stacy Ogawa. After annual visits to Hawaii with family in her youth, and her eventual wedding to Jesse on the North Shore, Stacy found that there was a void in the men’s apparel market between the easy-going Aloha shirt and the business casual environment of the Southern CA beach cities in which Jesse worked. She asked the question, “Why can’t Jesse find a tailored shirt that is easy and fun to wear back home without looking like a young boy in his dad’s vacation shirt?” So she set out to create something different for him - something fun, sunny, and easy to wear, that went hand in hand with California’s more tailored coastal casual vibe. From this idea, the signature Hukilau Clothing Co. fit was born!

Hukilau Clothing Co. reimagined the Aloha shirt with a modern, tailored touch. These shirts are just as easy to wear on a Friday at the office and to a weekend BBQ, all while expressing one’s love of sun, sand, and surf. 

Hukilau Clothing Co. prides itself on fun style with a great fit - this isn’t your dad’s boxy Aloha shirt you find at most mass retailers (although those can still be good for Thanksgiving or after a big plate lunch).

Designed, sourced, and hand-made in Los Angeles, we are all about bringing a bit of sunshine to your everyday!

Have a sunny day in our Hukilau Clothing shirt!

About the Duo

Stacy and Jesse

Stacy Ogawa 

Born and raised in Cupertino, California, Stacy was proficient on the Apple IIE and MS DOS by age 7. Once upon a time an aspiring ballet dancer, she decided to forego the blisters and beauty for college. Making her way down the coast to the University of California, Irvine for her undergraduate career, Stacy developed her addiction to all aspects of retail while studying and shopping the stores of Southern California as a non-paid part time job. Fostering this passion into an actual job, she has spent most of her career as a Senior Merchant for large retail apparel brands. Today she is excited to begin a new journey that pulls together her passions and experience alongside her husband. In her free time she enjoys the Southern California lifestyle which includes Pilates, barre classes, beach days, teaching herself Adobe Illustrator, and volunteering with non-profit organizations.

Jesse Bowman

Jesse is a native Southern California resident, raised on the beaches of Orange County. It was there where he fostered his love for surfing, cycling, beach volleyball and anything that the great outdoors has to offer. Deciding to attend the University of Hawaii based solely on its location before researching its extensive academic achievements, Jesse headed to the islands to surf, study (but mostly surf), and enjoy the island lifestyle. After a brief but glorious stint as a summer lifeguard in Wildwood, New Jersey, work and responsibilities came calling back on his home turf. Jesse made his return to Southern California in 2010 to receive his MBA at the USC Marshall School of Business, and now spends his days on planes and in corporate board rooms soaking in the rays of fluorescent lighting as a management consultant. He also serves as a part time fit model for Hukilau (serious inquiries only please), his highest achievement to date. On weekends he enjoys surfing, cycling, visiting the local South Bay beaches, and woodworking.